Halloween Midday Madness

I made the kids cake for Halloween!

Actually I made myself cake, but I gave some to them too. I needed cake. Knowing Halloween and all its Twix goodness was coming couldn't deter me. I actually went out of my way to buy the mayo to make this cake from Bon Appetit. (Click here for the recipe)

At least I didn't make the chocolate caramel frosting…yet. (I did add chips to the cake though – judiciously, it's a thin batter.)

Eat – B

Tip – I don't use baking spray. I do use butter and cocoa powder instead of flour for chocolate cake.


The Pasta My Mother Would Never Make

…I say that with love as I had a tasty and healthy upbringing. But never, not in million years, would my mother lace pasta with bacon and cream for an everyday, weekday dinner. What you do with this Bon Appetit recipe is up to you and your cardiologist. (Click here for the recipe)

However, if you need an excuse, invite friends over on a Friday. It's that simple to put together at the end of a work week. Really.

Notes: I switched out the pasta for what I had and reduced the quantity by a quarter. I also subbed dried thyme for fresh and cut the amount in half.


Mangia – B


Caramel Chicken

Mine is not as pretty as the recipe in the October Bon Appetit (I have so little patience for browning!). BUT, it is super tasty and a great alternative to any of your other chicken standbys. Read the recipe carefully. (Click here to read it) It takes as much time as predicted which is more than you might think. Best for days when you are not behind the dinner 8 ball 🙂

Don't forget the rice. It's the perfect sauce sponge.

Eat – B


Salted Carmel Sauce (Bon Appetit 10/13)

So EZ it's worth repeating! And eating. I snapped the caramel sauce recipe from this month's edition of BA. The apple cake is still on my to-do list. As delicious as the sauce is when warm, it keeps pretty nicely in the fridge. A bit stiffer, but heck, it was the best ice cream topper we had in a while.

If you can't read ingredient amounts from the pic, it calls for 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup cream. Don't walk away from the sugar as it's doing its caramel thing – learned that lesson (again) when I decided to make another batch. 😉

Eat – B

Btw – I think this counts for meat free Monday





Skirt Steak For Coffee Lovers

It's like being on the range without having to use an outdoor potty. Plus prepping this steak takes about 5 minutes. No more than 5 minutes per side on the grill (medium or coals) and it's a centerpiece dish.

Bon Appetit was just one of the magazines offering up coffee as a marinade ingredient, so I was inspired. (Click here for recipe) I gave it a taste and threw it a bit of cocoa powder and maple syrup, but I was also making up for a brown sugar deficit. Molasses and sugar could have filled the gap as well.

Whatever you do, save some marinade for glazing. More flavor. And don't forget to dry off the meat before grilling.

Steak knives optional – B


Meat-free Monday ;-)

They say a picture says a thousand words…I've got three for the flourless fallen chocolate cake from the last issue of Bon Appetit. Oh My God! And I'm not sure “oh” even counts. I dog eared that puppy for Passover and it is my chocolate winner to date. This from a woman who's been making flourless confections for too many decades to admit.

Here's the link to the recipe from Bon Appetit.

With or without whipped cream, it is a knockout! Like other flourless cakes, it relies on stiff egg whites for height. I think it's easier to separate the eggs when they're cold, but whip the whites when they're room temp. Any touch of yellow in the whites will do you in. Been there and done that before.

Follow the instructions and you can't go wrong. It's already called a fallen cake for a reason.

Try it, it will knock you out – B

PS I made regular whipped cream, omitting the mascarpone, but have at it.


“P” is for Pasta…and Pazzo

Oh…(expletive!) I'd wanted to make the Bon Appetit pasta with bacon, leeks and cream I'd seen a couple of months ago. In fact I was elbow deep, close to the finish line, when I cracked open the NEW pint of cream I had bought for this and another recipe. And that's when I saw it, a solid block of this isn't going to work. Oh…(expletive!) Honestly, I think I said it more than twice.

To my guy's credit, he offered to run to the store. But I knew that 15 minutes wouldn't be kind to the already cooked pasta. Then I remembered the Bon Appetit recipe was supposed to be a riff on carbonara, which is exactly what we had for dinner, but with the extra flavor of leeks.

I'm including the link to the original recipe with some caveats. I did not cook the bacon pieces in butter and olive oil. Instead, I rendered it in slices, drained most of the fat from the pan and added maybe a tablespoon of butter and oil each. Then I cooked the leeks, chopped the bacon and and added it back in.

I also used about 12 ounces of pasta, which gets added to the ingredients in the pan. To make it carbonara, I whipped 2 eggs with a cup of pecorino romano. I turned off the heat and added it to the hot pasta, tossing it quickly to cook the eggs without scrambling.

Don't forget to save some pasta water to add for sauciness. Also remember extra cheese is better. I consider thyme optional from the original recipe if you're making egg based carbonara.

Best to do blood work before dining – B