Salted Carmel Sauce (Bon Appetit 10/13)

So EZ it's worth repeating! And eating. I snapped the caramel sauce recipe from this month's edition of BA. The apple cake is still on my to-do list. As delicious as the sauce is when warm, it keeps pretty nicely in the fridge. A bit stiffer, but heck, it was the best ice cream topper we had in a while.

If you can't read ingredient amounts from the pic, it calls for 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup cream. Don't walk away from the sugar as it's doing its caramel thing – learned that lesson (again) when I decided to make another batch. 😉

Eat – B

Btw – I think this counts for meat free Monday





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3 thoughts on “Salted Carmel Sauce (Bon Appetit 10/13)

  1. Whoops! Didn’t read the entire recipe to realize that this included a cake in the recipe. I was thinking of the Venetian Apple Cake recipe you recently posted.

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