Homemade Mayo (not Fallen Chocolate Cake)

The dog ate my cake (and survived both the chocolate and me). So here’s a picture of the mayo. And the dog. I didn’t intend to make mayo, but ignored a golden rule for making hard boiled eggs (fresh eggs, what was I thinking?! See link below) and wrecked the whites late Friday night duringContinue reading “Homemade Mayo (not Fallen Chocolate Cake)”

Risotto for Everyone

Today a lesson in food history. The invention of the spoon predates comfort food. No chicken/egg dilemma here. Think about it – cereal with milk, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken soup, Ben & Jerry's from the pint, the scrapings from mac & cheese, peanut butter from the jar, lemon curd (trust me!). They would beContinue reading “Risotto for Everyone”

Next Day Sauce

I am a sucker for pasta shapes. There, I've said it. This weekend my guy and I played tourist, strolling through New York's Eataly among other places. Actually, the day couldn't have gone better. Street parking during the winter in New York is a gift and plays to my frugal nature. Jam was the originalContinue reading “Next Day Sauce”

Roast Chicken & Potatoes

I knew it! I knew if eating depended on a child, and the child was hungry enough, food would get into the oven! Tonight we (we!) bring you…roast chicken & potatoes. I prepped the chicken, and left out the ingredients for the potatoes. The 14 year old did the rest, proving if you want toContinue reading “Roast Chicken & Potatoes”

Super Cheap Eats

I'm pretty sure you couldn't get any more budget friendly. Even better to be able to use pantry staples and the dregs of the fridge to churn out a second helpings necessary pasta?! Kitchen life doesn't get better than that. Ripped from the pages of Bon Appetit, I give you a way to use kaleContinue reading “Super Cheap Eats”

Super Simple Supper

It was supposed to be Sunday supper, but we couldn't wait. Hence, lunch! With 20 minutes and a few basic ingredients, you are on your way. Plus this pasta bowl is a no recipe recipe with plenty of mix and match opportunities. Since we went to Tuscany (brag!) this summer, I am obsessed with piciContinue reading “Super Simple Supper”