Super Cheap Eats

I'm pretty sure you couldn't get any more budget friendly. Even better to be able to use pantry staples and the dregs of the fridge to churn out a second helpings necessary pasta?! Kitchen life doesn't get better than that.

Ripped from the pages of Bon Appetit, I give you a way to use kale that will make you devoted. Porsena's Sara Jenkins created this recipe that seasons the bread crumbs, the kale and the pasta separately. Divine!

I didn't have orecchiette, a pasta shape named for and reminiscent of small ears. Spaghetti worked just fine. I also wouldn't advertise the anchovies unless you know the audience, or the kale for that matter. In fact just make and serve. Enough with the hard sell to a tough audience. If they're garlic lovers, that should be enough.

Also, my guy claimed it was perfect as is, but I might lose a little of the butter and add lemon zest next time. It was perfect, but we can't help ourselves.

Next up Sarah's ragu! After that I hope to lure her onto “Living At Home”, my series on SiriusXM 110, 10-noon east, tempting talk from the day's headlines, health news you can use, to what y'all can serve for dinner.


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