Fork or Spoon Guisada

Despite my best intentions and a blizzard, I never did break out the Ninja this weekend. This after I forged my way to the market like a dedicated postal worker through rain, sleet, snow and manic Jersey drivers to buy the beef and green pepper needed for Slow Cooker Carne Guisada. But alas on Sunday the beef still needed to carne and I was missing several of the hours needed for countertop cooking. No matter! That's where the Dutch oven comes in. Slow cooker carne guisada in half the time.

I used a favorite Martha Stewart recipe, browning meat and softening veggies stovetop, before combininglot and setting it in a 350 oven for almost 3 hours.

Here's the pic and the question, fork or spoon?


Dig in – B

Note : as written in the recipe, great in tortillas!