I’m back!

And just in time to guest host on 710 WOR, 6-10 am east. I will keep it short and sweet so you have time to download the FREE app to listen anywhere in the country (you can call too!)

I had a bowl of overripe peaches and load of guilt for wasting then. As my mother and the NYT’s food writer Mark Bittman both know, cooking them down saves money and adds flavor.

It was just a peel, chop, sugar, cook (and in my case, purée) moment. Here’s the link for the inspiration.

I used a heavy pound of fruit, with 5 tablespoons of vanilla sugar and 2 tablespoons of water. After 45 minutes of cooking and mashing, I threw the whole thing in the food processor for a whirl.

Top toast with ricotta, jam and toasted almonds.

Or blend with garlic, soy sauce and ginger for a chicken glaze.

Or make pop tarts with pie dough.

Or freeze for winter when you’re desperate for the taste of summer.

Enjoy the endless deliciousness – B
(I just wish I had time to make biscuits!)

Gary’s Green Beans

The love of my life prefers veggies with flavor. And this one fits the bill. I've made versions inside and out. But today the stove had to support an already crowded grill. Any onion, shallot, or garlic (!) will work, but the red is pretty.


1 red onion, halved and sliced into half moons

Two giant handfuls green beans, trimmed

1 pint small or cherry tomatoes, halved if they're large

Olive oil

In large skillet, slicked with olive oil, brown & soften red onion. Add green beans and season with salt and pepper. Let them get a sheen and some color. Add a few tablespoons of water. Raise the heat and mostly cover (let the steam escape) until water is gone (5-ish minutes). Add tomatoes and cook until skins are slightly roasted and juices flow. Toss, adjust seasoning and serve.

Dig in & live longer – B