Midweek Ribs

I love creating recipes, but then again, sometimes I don't. After all I am not a restaurant! That established (again) I pull from far and wide in the search for deliciousness…and easy edible weekday dinners.

During my daily schlepp earlier this week, the following rib recipe caught my eye in Bon Appetit. I also knew I could get them cooking while making dinner last night and do a quick re-heat today.


Here's what I didn't know when I made the commitment…I had neither dried garlic nor granulated onion for the dry rub. No matter! I subbed fresh garlic and skipped the onion. No one licking their fingers at my table seemed to miss it.

The instructions call for serving with a prepared BBQ sauce (really?!) I say use this Martha Stewart recipe for a better version that's thrown together In literally 10 minutes – I mean it, literally! Plus this sauce keeps awhile in the fridge. Nice for its intended grilled chicken, or turkey burgers, or maybe roasted butternut squash.

I was so proud of making weekday ribs I blabbed to grilling guru Elizabeth Karmel when I ran into her in the SiriusXM lobby. BTW, in my world that's a humble brag :o) I did however give her all the credit for inspiring me – she made me into the charcoal grilling devotee I am today. See attached photo of me and my Weber to reminisce about summer.



Published by Betsy Karetnick

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3 thoughts on “Midweek Ribs

  1. Yes, indeed, those look fabulous. And yes, charcoal grilling is the only way to go, by and by. A dance between flavor and ambiance. Grill on. Like your blog here by the way. First time stopping by. Nice work!

  2. With 19 degrees that “feels like” 5 degrees outside, even a reminder of summer grilling was very welcome. Like you, I am a big fan of Elizabeth Karmel, charcoal grilling with a chimney starter ( I noticed it on the patio) and a glass of wine while tending the grill. Bon Appetit!

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