Greens Are Good. I Mean It!

Along the lines of…if a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? I offer, if a child says she/he doesn't like kale before trying a mixed green sauté, does it mean it's not tasty?!

In my quest to jazz up late winter vegetables (again!) I looked to an older Bon Appetit recipe. There I found a Late-Summer-Greens Sauté that I thought was phenomenal. Never mind it's not late summer, I have Trader Joe's, emporium of imported baby greens and well priced wine, if yours is lucky enough to have a liquor license. Mine doesn't.

So I got a selection that included baby kale – you can't fault a mom for trying – and set to work. Click here (or on the previous link!) for the super simple recipe that I cut by a third. Forewarned was fore-armed when it came to making too many greens that included heaven forbid – kale!

At least the younger one tried it…right before moving it away from the honey chipotle meatballs and rice.

To your health – B


Published by Betsy Karetnick

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3 thoughts on “Greens Are Good. I Mean It!

  1. I really miss hearing you and Brian!! I have not listened to the new Martha station. For whatever reason, you have been temporarily replaced by the grateful dead station…. I liked you guys better! Your food talk and interviews were just as stress relieving as a super long jam session. I hope you get another show somewhere!

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