“P” is for Pasta…and Pazzo

Oh…(expletive!) I'd wanted to make the Bon Appetit pasta with bacon, leeks and cream I'd seen a couple of months ago. In fact I was elbow deep, close to the finish line, when I cracked open the NEW pint of cream I had bought for this and another recipe. And that's when I saw it,Continue reading ““P” is for Pasta…and Pazzo”

Cookies…By Popular Demand!

For goodness sake, I tried to give you greens (see previous post) y'all only want cookies. Fine! I celebrated the March snowstorm making agave oatmeal chocolate chip. Mostly I wanted to use the agave that was sitting in the pantry for a while. The best way to get inspiration is to try to use upContinue reading “Cookies…By Popular Demand!”

Greens Are Good. I Mean It!

Along the lines of…if a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound? I offer, if a child says she/he doesn't like kale before trying a mixed green sauté, does it mean it's not tasty?! In my quest to jazz up late winter vegetables (again!) I looked to anContinue reading “Greens Are Good. I Mean It!”

Mash Up

Swing…and… miss! It happens at dinner from time to time, especially if you cook often and take a few chances while you're at it. I'm not talking inedible dinner or anything, but let's just say I could live without a repeat of last night's soy ginger chicken. Ditto the “sweet potato fries”. How many timesContinue reading “Mash Up”

Breakfast Salad Redux

Those who know me from my radio show are familiar with my food idiosyncrasies. As an early, early morning riser, I just couldn't stomach the traditional breakfast foods. Actually, I could eat any number of sweets, danish, donuts etc., but not appropriate for daily consumption. Anyway, I came up with the breakfast salad as anContinue reading “Breakfast Salad Redux”

Risotto for Everyone

Today a lesson in food history. The invention of the spoon predates comfort food. No chicken/egg dilemma here. Think about it – cereal with milk, mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken soup, Ben & Jerry's from the pint, the scrapings from mac & cheese, peanut butter from the jar, lemon curd (trust me!). They would beContinue reading “Risotto for Everyone”

Old Bones, New Soup

I will never be confused with Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert, but then again I never claimed to be a restaurant. I will tell you I can make chicken soup with one hand tied behind my back, and so can you! Here is a no fail “recipe”. Stock 2 roasted chicken carcasses, or the equivalent inContinue reading “Old Bones, New Soup”

Let’s Get Stewed

Someone's britches got a little too big for her Le Creuset this week. Absorbed in the Top Chef finale and the premise that someone eliminated (!) earlier, could come back and claim the title, I missed all the classic signs of a braise running out of liquid. Rather I was congratulating myself that the nextContinue reading “Let’s Get Stewed”

A New Twist On A Breakfast Basic

Your breakfast is killing you…white flour, processed cereals, over sweetened yoghurts (read the label!), the guilty pleasure muffin, pancakes! Sadly these and your daily bagel are nutritional treats (threats?!) rather than mainstays. And believe you me, no one likes a well crafted muffin more than I. Muffin making is not just a hobby for me,Continue reading “A New Twist On A Breakfast Basic”