As the Weather Turns…Beef Stew For 2 (or4)

  A dip in the thermometer forced my cart to the beef aisle. In goes about a pound of cubed beef chuck. I'd like to say it was dinner for a family, but a teen boy and a hungry mom can (did) left only one serving as leftovers. No matter, it's EZ to double down.Continue reading “As the Weather Turns…Beef Stew For 2 (or4)”

Let’s Get Stewed

Someone's britches got a little too big for her Le Creuset this week. Absorbed in the Top Chef finale and the premise that someone eliminated (!) earlier, could come back and claim the title, I missed all the classic signs of a braise running out of liquid. Rather I was congratulating myself that the nextContinue reading “Let’s Get Stewed”