Old Bones, New Soup

I will never be confused with Le Bernardin's Eric Ripert, but then again I never claimed to be a restaurant. I will tell you I can make chicken soup with one hand tied behind my back, and so can you!

Here is a no fail “recipe”.


2 roasted chicken carcasses, or the equivalent in bones, raw or roasted, or a whole chicken plus necks and wings

A couple onions, halved or not

A couple carrots, chunked or not

A couple celery stalks, leaves too if possible, chunked or not

A couple garlic cloves, whole & peeled

A parsnip, chunked or not

A turnip, halved or not

A hunk of ginger, optional*

1/2 teaspoon peppercorns (not ground)

Fresh dill if you have, or not

Throw it all in a heavy bottom pot, whatever you have of the above list, and cover with water. Chicken is obviously required. Bring to a boil, lower to a simmer. A whole 3-4 pound chicken will cook in about an hour fifteen to thirty. If it's all bones, I let it simmer for hours. I prefer the bones.

Sieve out the lumps and bumps. Cool and refrigerate.


When ready to make soup, add fresh carrots, noodles, herbs if desired, salt & pepper to taste.

Do laundry at the same time, doubly productive – B

Note: proven to be effective for fighting colds.

Tip for cooling. Saw this one in Vegas. Fill a bin, pot or your sink with tons of ice and water. Insert zip top bags or plastic containers of stock in bin, pot or sink until cool. Alternatively snow banks work too.


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