Deli Turkey Makeover

Seriously most lunch meat from the grocery seems so unappealing. How do they get that turkey breast so large? What else is in there? Why do you feel a Sahara inspired thirst after having a sandwich?

For years I've catered to my little guy's desire for the ordinary sandwich with nitrate nitrite gluten free organic options, but this week I went one step further. It was cheaper, tastier and more readily used for meals other than a sandwich…the home cooked turkey breast.

The boneless version is easier to slice, but keep the skin on-a little extra insurance from over cooking.

Flavor it up the day before: fresh thyme, rosemary, kosher salt, lots of sliced garlic (!). Combine in a zip top bag, and press out all the air.

The next day preheat oven to 375. Let turkey sit out at least 15 minutes so it doesn't cringe when it hits the oven. Mea culpa, I used my convection this time and it's nothing fancy. Most days it works as a microwave. My 2 pounder took about 40 minutes to hit 165 degrees. And yes I used the meat thermometer. Rest 15 minutes for the juices to settle.

Makes great sandwiches, salads, turkey tetrazzini, pot pie etc.

Slice, serve, eat – B


5 thoughts on “Deli Turkey Makeover

  1. You have given me a great idea. I plan on preparing a fresh turkey breast today and cooking it tomorrow. Thanks Betsy

  2. I love your recipe. I too prefer not to use deli lunch meat. I love to cook as fresh as possible and the seasoning and cooking technique sone wonderful. (still miss hearing you on the radio but love keeping in touch with your cooking ideas.)

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