“Asian” Noodle Bowl!


Dinner tonight!

Let's just say I sometimes know how to get the kids to eat their veggies. By calling the soup “Asian” I had their full attention and palates. I do sometimes wonder though if they think the country of “Asian” includes that entire side of the Pacific rim, minus Japan, the holy grail of sushi! And I realize that by offering a mash-up of countries and cuisines in one bowl I am perpetuating the problem. I don't care-I still got them to eat broccoli, mushrooms and sugar snap peas.

My friend Nancie McDermott who has written some crazy good cookbooks including a couple featuring Thai and Vietnamese sparked today's kitchen foray when she came on my SiriusXM radio show (10-12 am east, channel 110-couldn't help myself :). So I enhanced some stock with rotisserie chicken bones, ginger, garlic and the liquor from rehydrated wild dried mushrooms. Then I laid out the buffet:

Cooked rice noodles

Chopped scallions

Steamed broccoli

Raw slivered sugar snaps

Wild mushrooms (Italian, but what the heck)

Shredded chicken


Other choices-sesame seeds, bean sprouts, snow peas, water chestnuts egg etc…

I also laid on the spice with a favorite fermented hot sauce and enough extra soy to numb their tongues and bloat their ankles till Friday.


Btw – tomorrow's ribs are in the oven as we speak. I caught a Bon Appetite recipe on my way home and couldn't help myself. Rub, Braise, Cut, Reheat.


One thought on ““Asian” Noodle Bowl!

  1. That is a beautiful bowl of soup. I will need to try this. I don’t have kids to feed but my husband is happy to have something out of the ordinary. We do get into a rut over the winter.

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