Party Pops

You could skip adding the wine, but why would (should?) you?

Yes I'm back from my holiday and boozing up the ice pops just in time for a heat wave. Judge if you must.

Btw, once you start making fruit pops, you may never go back. The secret, in as much as there is one, don't skip the sugar. Freezing juice knocks down the sweetness. All fresh fruit will need a sweetener boost. Pick your poison, sugar, honey or agave. Faux sweeteners are a topic for another day, although I did once spend an entire radio show making callers compare it to the devil.

1 bag frozen blueberries, organic or not

3/4 cup water

1/4 cup sweet wine, blueberry, port, even manischewitz would do

1/3 cup sugar

Bring everything to a boil. Then simmer 15 minutes. Freeze in molds.

Eat, take a load off – B

Note: fresh thyme is a nice addition. Throw some stems in the mix then let it steep like tea for an extra 15 or so minutes. Remove stems before freezing.


Published by Betsy Karetnick

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3 thoughts on “Party Pops

  1. I have a question…. Never having made my own ice pops – can I substitute other types of juice for the wine in this one? I’m sure the MS archives have recipes – any favorites of theirs or yours? Pregnant now – so wine pops are out!

  2. Hope vacation was wonderful! I did have to read twice and make sure Betsy was really encouraging us to use sugar :). Can’t wait to give these a try! Still miss mornings with Betsy and Brian. I’ve switched to Mike and Mike, not nearly as fun as you guys were!

  3. glad you are back online!! have missed you!! these pops sound easy and good!! hope you had a nice vacation!!

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