47 Things For Which I Am Grateful

Betsy Karetnick

I have never had a shortage of things to say (since long before I became a broadcaster – ask any friend or family member) so first; Thank You for all the wonderful birthday wishes –I am overwhelmed!

But lacking another venue on this day, I gifted myself with the following thoughts. I know there are more, but here are 47 of my “good things”.

Please, please add one of your own to the list.

I am grateful…

1. To have 2 feet on the grass instead of 2 feet under (from a caller long ago, but it still holds true)

2. To have 2 remarkable and confounding children

3. To have found the love of my life

4. To add 3 amazing young women to my expanding family – I always wanted more kids and I don’t have to feed anyone in the middle of the night!

5. For the goofy golden retrievers who are giving my Luckybean something to think about in her golden years and making me (mostly) laugh with their antics (I still can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the biggest one in the little fish pond!)

6. For parents and siblings who share in my joys and step up to the plate without me asking

7. Especially for my BFF and sister who lives far away but makes me feel like she doesn’t

8. To MB for finding the love of my life for me, even though I think she was drinking that night

9. For having friends who started getting in touch yesterday to offer me birthday wishes

10. For ice cream cake and blueberry pie

11. For meeting so many lovely chefs, gardeners, entertainers, writers and thought provoking guests who joined me on SiriusXM, as well as the callers…all great teachers!

12. For lemons…one of the world’s best foods, but also great for cleaning. And while I’m at it…pizza, pasta, garlic and scones with cream & jam

13. For being just flexible enough to adopt a hamster even though buying rodents for the house never used to make sense

14. For my partners-in-crime at Martha Stewart Living Radio, especially JonCos, Brian Kelsey (watch for his new TV show!) Dion, Monty & Sandy Gluck who made work such a pleasure

15. For lemon curd – eggs, lemon (see above) sugar +heat = magic

16. For my NEW raised gardening bed, a gift from the love of my life, who knew I wouldn’t stop discussing until it appeared…standby for further adventures

17. For window boxes

18. For the birds who find the birdbath & pond despite the 3 dogs

19. For an appreciation of green regardless of whether it’s grass or weed

20. For sun on my birthday, a long delayed childhood wish (the rain came later, but it saved me from watering)

21. For the best rose season of my life!

22. For my ipad – a life changer

23. For a walk in any direction

24. For airplanes and their many destinations

25. For indoor plumbing & washing machines

26. For cellphones, Facebook, twitter, email and every other way we keep in touch

27. For the charcoal grill, as idiosyncratic as it sometimes can be

28. For my health that I may work and care for others as well as myself

29. For the opportunity to live in a country with some of the world’s greatest freedoms

30. For the music that comes with the love of my life, making our world so much richer

31. For ridiculous YouTube videos the kids share, but more for the sharing than the actual videos

32. For Homer Simpson who gives my youngest a reference point in conversation that always makes us laugh.

33. For Orwashers jelly doughnuts and breads – OMG, ‘nuff said

34. For wine, long may it live (and whine, because sometimes the two go together)

35. For a healthy appreciation of good grammar

36. For shoes, short, stacked, pump or boot – we don’t discriminate

37. For golf (on behalf of the LOML)

38. To an elderly client who told me the story of the love of her life

39. For Bon Jovi and Bruce, but for different reasons

40. To the refrigerator without which we would be spending much more time in the kitchen

41. For Hot Coffee

42. For Iced Coffee

43. For the research supporting the drinking of coffee

44. For Starbucks and all its competitors

45. For the man who gave me the bottomless Starbucks card

46. For the very young man who used his first real paycheck to take me to lunch

47. For another day tomorrow

Published by Betsy Karetnick

Dynamic lifestyle broadcaster, journalist, and media expert. Brand builder. Innovator. Producer. Experienced in business development and all aspects of media. Extensive experience on a national platform attracting and retaining an audience by mixing entertainment and education on lifestyle issues including cooking, cleaning, crafting, organizing, personal finance and dining out. Owner and operator of The Portable Garden, northern New Jersey's premier source for exclusive custom event design, special event flowers, container gardens and small scale landscape installations.

11 thoughts on “47 Things For Which I Am Grateful

  1. Glad to hear you’ve had a wonderful birthday! Your post is a nice reminder that we all have many blessings. The day to day makes us forget sometimes.

  2. Miss you and Sandy Gluck. You would not believe the effort I have expended to try to replace you (impossible). I have learned how to find podcasts and have bought a gizmo to make the sound from my iPhone louder.
    A lovely list that reflects the beauty of its writer.

  3. Thank you for sharing “Good Things” this morning…I miss hearing you all in the mornings. Best wishes for all kinds of exciting new Good Things in the year to come.

  4. I thought #22 was my favorite until I read # 46…mine is finding the LOML when I thought it was too late, and realize what it is like to be really loved.

  5. Betsy you are still making my day, I love all of your reasons but, got a really big laugh at the picture, at first I thought you were only wearing an apron! Hopefully Brian will have you on his show often.

  6. Betsy, that was so lovely!! all of the very simple things in life,that really do matter!! i am so glad you have found someone special! he is very lucky to have found you too!! i miss you and brian and jon& dion! i hope they are all well!! again…happy birthday!!

  7. Hope your birthday was wonderful .Miss, miss,miss you and Brian.Mornings will never be the same

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