Birthday Muffins

New birthday bowl, say hi to blackberry muffins! I think it's a complimentary relationship 🙂

I also think the easiest way to intro anyone to baking is with muffins. There are a few helpful hints (don't over mix, or the muffins will get tough), but even mistakes are delicious.

I happened on a recipe for blackberry cornmeal muffins last week in the Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook. It wasn't far from the raspberry cheesecake recipe. Online, I found the same recipe in a cake form (click here for recipe) That's fine, or break it down into 12 lined muffin tins, for your birthday or otherwise.

This recipe calls for melted butter, making a mixer unnecessary. Get your buttermilk and eggs to room temp for even more success.

Finally, when it smells done, it's pretty close to being done. These babies took a full 25 minutes.

No need for butter – B


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