“I Don’t Feel Like Cooking” Pasta

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Despite the season our local farmer’s market had some hot looking tomatoes last week. They couldn’t be from around here, but family genetics make me desperate. Saturday would be mozzarella, tomato & basil day. Friday would be grilled lamb and pasta with a raw (crudo) tomato sauce.

It’s super flex, requires no measuring and except for the tomatoes, just about anything can be deleted or added.


1 pound pasta (I used pici, use what you’ve got)

A couple pounds of tomatoes of tomatoes, chopped

Basil, chopped fine

Grated Parmesan

Olive oil

Salt & pepper

Cook pasta according to directions, drain. Add tomatoes & basil to bowl, then hot pasta, a drizzle of olive oil, cheese to your liking and adjust seasonings.

Done, dine – B

Options: no basil, parsley instead of basil, ricotta, olives, capers, garlic…you get the picture 🙂

2 thoughts on ““I Don’t Feel Like Cooking” Pasta

  1. I used your suggestion and while in Italy last week picked up a bunch of pici pasta and brought it home with us….in fact I brought so many things back home I had to buy a new suitcase! But I digress…this sounds delish. I’m going to make it tomorrow night but I’m going to chop up the tomatoes, add some olive oil, garlic, basil oregano, s & p and bake it all in the oven @ 400 for an hour or so then throw in the pici pasta! Oven roasted tomatoes make my favorite sauce for pasta, fish, meats, anything!

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