A Chili Weeknight


Old man winter made me do it. All I heard was 12 degrees by Wednesday and I broke out the chili powder. Also the market was out of chipotle in adobo so the recipe for turkey meatballs would have to wait…again. (This is like the recipe that got away-I never make it!) Finally my radio producer and my little guy go for meat and beans. By default I will be loved!

I've included the link to the Martha Stewart recipe I used for the most part, give or take proportions. It calls for several pounds of ground meat. I don't have that many takers, so I halved most everything. Nonetheless, I have plenty to bring to work tomorrow.

Martha Stewart's turkey and bean chili!


2 thoughts on “A Chili Weeknight

  1. I’ve got a separate, plastic ice cube tray I use just for the chilis in adobo. I freeze them individually and then pop them out and put in a plastic freezer bag. They are very easy to chop frozen and it takes me awhile to get through my stash.

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