Not Fried Rice for Dinner

I'll be making this again for 3 reasons. It takes 5 ingredients, it takes 5 minutes, and it takes leftover rice noodles to an awesome new level. Ingredients 2 eggs, whisked up 3 scallions, sliced A quart of cooked rice noodles or spaghetti Soy sauce Veg oil Heat an 8 inch fry pan and coatContinue reading “Not Fried Rice for Dinner”

Fried Rice Du Jour

So the other day my son says, “Can you make the fried rice with only egg and chicken?” “Why yes, son,” I said. “I can make fried rice with only chicken and egg. But I won't.” “Why not?” “Why do you think?” “Because you want us to eat our vegetables?” Bingo! And for that youContinue reading “Fried Rice Du Jour”