Breakfast Salad Twist

I was going for the toast when I remembered the leftover ear of grilled corn, and I mean grilled. Rich in color, requested by my youngest who saw the picture on tv, grilled corn. I'd cut off the kernels from the last ear after dinner. We all agreed we loved it, except for the older one who eats corn, but not on the cob (yes, really).

Add to it whatever you have in the produce bin. To me, grilled corn and avocado are the best of friends. Today's BS (breakfast salad 😉 includes half an avocado, both yellow and red cherry tomatoes, an unnamed hard Italian cheese, cucumber, the juice of half a lemon, a glug of olive lil, salt & pepper. That's it. I love fresh herbs – chive, cilantro, & basil come to mind. But it was pouring – 'nuff said!

Eat up – B


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Salad Twist

  1. Sounds delicious. Might be a bit much for some but sometimes I smash in one anchovie even at breakfast. Delicious. You always give us great ideas. Thanks.

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