Not Key Lime Pie

Or…a great no bake citrus dessert

As my guy pointed out this holiday weekend, we've come a long way. As in, I was trusting him to shop for the groceries, even when company's coming! By coming a long way, I'm pretty sure he meant I've given up a touch of control. I prefer to look at it as having faith. 🙂

(Remind me at some point to describe his first après Thanksgiving shopping which was something of an opposite experience.)

Nonetheless, I digress. I had it in my head I wanted a key lime pie and I'm not above using the bottled juice. So that went on the list. Everything else I had in the pantry including sweetened condensed milk and a pre made crust – see how far I've come!

The key lime juice proved elusive – the quest of 3.0 grocery graduates. In my new, more relaxed and appreciative state I quickly switched course, scanning the Internet for a semifreddo to use an over abundance of lemons.

The recipe is super simple (click here for the recipe), but it's a two step process that takes a bit of chill time. Also if you've never made a curd before, just know it looks like a mess in the pot until the last couple of minutes.


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