“Retro” Chicken

I always considered Chicken Marbella from The Silver Palate lexicon to be “company” chicken. Silly, really because it's just a well marinated chicken, dolled up with pantry staples like capers, olives and prunes. I guess I served it to company first and the premise always stuck. Or it could be that the original recipe is for quite a bit of chicken. But the recipe expands and contracts as needed. I figured it out after 20 years and one broken cookbook binding later.

What's terrific about a bulk chicken recipe is the leftovers that almost always follow. This chicken makes a knockout sandwich, salad, or with rice when shredded and braised in its sauce with some additional cooked down onion, wine, stock and tomato paste. Last but not least because I was desperate, as the protein in last week's fried rice du jour. Please don't tell China.

Here's a link to one version. I always use chicken pieces parts, not quarters or halves. They cook quicker and are easier to organize in a pan.

By the by, if you are not familiar with The Silver Palate cookbook, you obviously did not come of kitchen age in the early 90's.


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