For the Love of Pesto

I love pesto...and it loves my hips. Back in the day, I used to (and sometimes still do) add butter after I tossed the pasta with all the oil, herb, cheesy, nutty deliciousness that is pesto. After all, what was one more fat added to the mix. I was still in my thirtees!

But now I'm not and traditional pesto loves hanging out with me too much to make it a regular table guest.

But the genius of this Everyday Food recipe delivers an updated version of pesto that lightens the load so to speak. No guilt, just pleasure. I add that I was out of olive oil this weekend, but the recipe calls for lemon juice, zest and oil, so I used my Nudo lemon oil. Though I typically don't buy flavored oils, this one is delicious. I boosted the flavor with more lemon juice.

Btw, I used whole wheat pasta this time for a nutritionally well rounded, but feel free to use your favorite. Gluten free works too!

Btw - don't forget to add the white beans.

Enjoy. As always--B


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