Brownie “Homework”

It's still winter…excuse number one.

Contractors have finally started to bandaid the damage from my girl Sandy (as in hurricane) and the dog has been vocally enjoying their company. That, combined with whatever they're doing on the roof- Excuse number two.

As for number three…ladies, need I be specific?!

And that's why today is brownie day. has one of my favorite all time brownie recipes. It is ridiculously easy. Seriously, skip the box since this takes about the same time, tastes a heck of a lot better and uses REAL butter.

I hope the rest of the pan makes it until after school, but considering excuse number three…

A cautionary note: Don't over bake! Good hot or cold. Enjoy-B


5 thoughts on “Brownie “Homework”

  1. Love your blog, but miss you in the mornings. Saw the brownies and got home from work and put it together in the time it said in recipe. Very easy to do and I hadd all the ingredients in the pantry. They are in oven now and will be tonights treat dessert. For those on weight watchers it is 8 points. I think it will be 8 well used points!

  2. Love it and am having the same kind of day sans brownie…on weight watchers so chocolate is still a slippery slope!

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