Greens Gone Pasta

There is one sure fire way to get people (children, reluctant spouses/partners – present adult company excluded!) to eat their veggies. Garlic! At least that's one secret. The other is pasta. That's why this pasta dish gets the greens gone, especially mild mannered farm friends like spinach. Seriously, if it works on my little/big guy,Continue reading “Greens Gone Pasta”

Meatless & Mexican Monday

“This is a good dinner.” Hallelujah, praise the stove…a teenager complimented the quesadillas. And I pulled it together in less than 30 minutes, though I cheated on the corn. I like quesadillas because you can pretty much cater to any taste. Plus it’s a great way to use leftovers. In my case the spinach wasContinue reading “Meatless & Mexican Monday”