I Am Not A Restaurant!  It’s our life, our lament and perhaps our legacy.  On these pages we’ll discuss recipes, lifestyle tips and whatever else comes down the path or suits my fancy, especially if it’s coffee or chocolate.  Welcome, feel free to browse around and leave your feedback. And if you’re sheltered at home, enjoy. We’ll get through this together.

20 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog Betsy- not to mention the yummy recipes! Listened on MSL for a longtime and glad to find this and you 😉. Thanks for all your info,tips,
    and tricks in the kitchen!


  2. It’s been months & I still miss ML for my commute. I’m really enjoying your posts pop into my inbox for dinner inspiration.

  3. I miss hearing you on Sirius XM. Really enjoyed your show–you share my enthusiasm for cooking and are a wonderful teacher. The blog is a hit and am glad to have found you again. Very thankful for the scone post, as I heard your interview w/Sarabeth. Look forward to cooking and enjoying the scones!

  4. I LOVE your blog!, Like others I listen to you on Serius and so I can hear your voice as I read the things you write. Sort of like you are part of the family. Welcome to the clan! Stop in for homegrown guacamole if you are in the neighborhood! (Santa Barbara)

  5. Thanks, Betsey, for this blog! I am also so glad to have you back in the mornings on the west coast for my commute to work and I get to hear anything I missed later in the evening on my commute back home! Looking forward to trying some of your recipes! Hugs from CA!

  6. Betsy, glad to see your new blog. I hope it is the source of much satisfaction for you and your followers and may it lead you to much success in your career.

  7. Happy about your blog, most the time I am driving when you are giving out ingredients or directions so now I can check out your blog and try something new for dinner. Thanks for sending more time with us!

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