Mary Had a Little Lamb…

…and so did Betsy from a grilled butterflied leg.

My mom taught me the art of braising leftover meat into a brand new, no this is NOT a leftover dish! And to be honest my little lamb started with my mom, marinated in juices and garlic at her house. But I was the one who manned the grill for the Jewish New Year. So I felt no guilt snagging a hunk to take home. And yes shopping for food in the parents' pantry never loses its allure!

Basically this is a stew that works with any protein, it's just meat that has already been cooked.

Start the same way as most other stews. Sweat a sliced onion in olive (or any) oil, add a couple cloves chopped garlic and in this case chunks of bell pepper. Cook. Reduce a 1/2 cup of wine and scape up the bits. Add about a pound of de-fatted, chunked Lamb plus a cup of stock or water. Being to a boil,and simmer a good 45 minutes. In my case I also added a rinsed jar of white beans, several pinches of dried oregano and for the last 10 minutes, some cut up broad, green beans. Adjust salt & pepper.



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