Meat-free Monday (or Tuesday or…) Pasta

I kind of daydream about this pasta. Ok I do daydream. And it's EZ! Throw it together – no deep thoughts. Altogether 3 steps. Cook pasta, blend pesto, roast tomatoes. Dot with ricotta and you're wishing for a spork :)!

Don't go all crazy with the pesto recipe either – use your hands for measuring and your eyes to judge the texture. Taste to adjust cheese and salt.


Roast a small handful of walnuts (or pine nuts, or your choice) 10 minutes in 350 oven, then cool. (Can also be done over medium/low heat in a pan.)

Blanch a double big handful of basil leaves in hot water, or not. It helps keep their color, but no biggie if u don't do it. Dry.

Blend the nuts in the processor.

Add 1 clove garlic. Blend

Process basil

Add 2 big pinches of salt & some pepper

With motor running add 1/2-2/3 cup of olive oil, depending on desired texture

Blend in a handful of grated Parmesan or locatteli

**Makes enough for this pasta plus a pesto chicken dinner and/or bruschetta

Cook 8 ounces of pasta according to directions. Save 1/2 cup pasta water.


Cover bottom of large skillet with olive oil. Roast 2 pints of tomatoes until the skins burst.

Add pasta to tomatoes, toss and add enough pasta water to clean the pan bottom. Drizzle pesto. Dot with ricotta (1/2 cup or more).

Eat, enjoy – B


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