Scones for Everyone

I invited a friend for coffee, as good an excuse as any to make scones. I'm still aiming to match my memory of the first scone I ate as a student in London. But since I wasn't such a food snot then, I'm pretty sure that was probably a low rent baked good. I know this because I bought scones any and everywhere based on price and size, not by purveyor.

This scone from Sarabeth Levine is great. Sarabeth is a business and baking genius whose book makes a perfect gift for baking enthusiasts.

I skipped the nutmeg (personal preference) and subbed raisins for currants because that's all I had. It's also really fast to make scones since the ingredients should be cold and baked hot and quick. Same for biscuits for that matter.

I always cut the butter in by hand with a pastry blender. It's really the best stress buster, and you earn the results. Also I was too lazy for the biscuit cutter, so I just patted out the dough in a rectangle and cut. I've attached a link to her recipe when Sarabeth was with us on Martha Stewart Living Radio.

Don't forget the cream and jam – B


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