Kale Caesar-ish

Love love love Caesar salad! It's something about the tart and the rich and the salty goodness. I make a version in my mini food processor, mostly to disguise the anchovy so I don't get feedback.

I apologize for the ballpark recipe. I've never measured this one (Caesar recipes are so personal!). Plus I'm lazy. Also, I don't use the raw egg, but you can if you want. Or toss the whole salad with a little finely grated hard boiled egg.

1 anchovy (from oil, or rinse the salted kind)

1 garlic clove

Juice of one lemon

A tablespoon or so of white vinegar

Teaspoon-ish Dijon mustard

A couple tablespoons grated Italian cheese

Dash of Worcester if you have it and remember

Olive oil



Blend garlic, then add everything but the olive oil. Whiz. Add enough oil to double the volume. Whiz again, add salt & pepper. Adjust oil and seasonings to taste. Toss with kale or another hardy green.

Add croutons and more cheese. Or pile on crostini – EZ app!



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